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Finding a lunch catering company can be a tricky task as the food you serve at your business meeting will be a reflection of the standard of your company, for your business clients. In this short article, we are going to give you a few tips which will help you raise your lunch service standard during meetings:

  1. Make A Shortlist:  Go around asking your friends or do an online search for the best caterers in your area. Always keep in mind to check the reviews of the caterers to ensure that their services are actually as good as they claim to be.
  2. Food Options: Reach out to the companies you have shortlisted and ask them about the types of food they offer. Depending on your event and its formality, you may need different kinds of food to serve to different guests. Some guests may have strict dietary choices or be allergic to some type of food. Therefore, you need to find a caterer that can reliably deliver an array of food choices if required.
  3. Visit: Visit the food caterer you have shortlisted and try out the food they offer. This is the only way to make sure that the food that is being promised is actually up to the mark. You will also be able to get a check on the kitchen and the hygiene standard being maintained by the caterer.
  4. Food Packaging: Many business meetings now prefer to serve food boxes to their clients. Your caterer should be able to offer this service if need be. The catering company should also be able to serve a food buffet, if you are not going with the idea of food boxes.
  5. Organization: Depending on your need, your food caterer should be able to organize the cuisines in your event location in a professional manner. Preferably, they would be able to provide you with service staff to help the business clients and manage the empty dishes. The quality of the service provided can be the difference between success and failure for your meeting.
  6. Delivery: Your food caterer should let you know how it will be delivering the food. If you have ordered food boxes, they should be delivered in optimum time so that the food in it does not get cold or crumbly. If you have a food buffet in mind, the caterer should ensure that it will reach in time and set up everything without any delays. (With this in mind, you should also select a caterer that is closer to your office or event location.)
  7. Policies: The food caterer you are working with should have clearly stated policies regarding cancellation or delay. If there are any extra charges due to unforeseen cancellation from your side, you must be told beforehand. Read any contract that you sign carefully as you do not want to be liable for large fees in case of any cancellation. Also remember to never pay in full before the event. Instead, you should always insist on paying a part of the total upfront and the rest of the money should swap hands only after the successful delivery of food.

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