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In today’s age, finding a food caterer in Surrey is as easy as going online and googling for what you need. However, there are hundreds of search results that appear online and it is important to know that you are getting your lunch ordered from a stellar caterer.

Where To Start

Lunch catering should start with budgeting. The quality, quantity, and type of food will depend on the amount of money you are planning to spend on it.  As you go over the price list of the lunch caterers in Surrey, you should notice how prompt the caterers are in replying to your calls or emails, which will give you an idea of the kind of service to expect. Once you have shortlisted your lunch caterer, according to your budget, you can look into the food menus on offer.

Decide On Your Lunch Menu

You should decide on the food on offer during lunch. Besides giving you the menu and pricing structure, a good lunch caterer will also spend time getting to know your plan for the lunch and shall give you advice on how you can improve on it.

Experience Matters

A lunch caterer experienced in the type of lunch plan you want to organize will make the whole arranging a lot easier. An experienced lunch caterer has seen what you want and how you want it many times since its inception and can give you a clear expectation of how your plan will be put to working.


You want a lunch caterer that can adjust to your requirements. This means that it will be able to serve you the food, or foods, that you want and adjust to your guests’ dietary requirements and allergies. Your caterer should also be fine with bringing the food to your office or arranging it in a lawn, packing it as you want or serving it as a buffet, etc.

Services Apart From Food

Your caterer should be able to provide beverages as well as services such as receiving your guests, providing servers on the location, having a supervisor on location to ensure the smooth running of affairs, etc.  

Give It a Taste

It is wise to have a taste of the food you have decided on catering beforehand. This is the only way to know if the quality of the food is indeed as described by the caterer. Your lunch caterer in Surrey should offer a sampling of the proposed menu.

Contract And Cancellation Policy

It is very important that your chosen lunch caterer in Surrey has a clearly stated cancellation policy and will give you a contract upon the finalization of your order before money changes hands. When arranging a lunch plan, cancellation of it may not enter your mind. Nonetheless, emergencies do emerge and it is ideal to decide early how cancellation will be dealt with. Your providing food caterer ought to incorporate this situation and should tell you explicitly how it will deal with the situation when you ask about it.

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