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Getting a food delivery for your event done right can be a daunting task if it’s the first time for you. Luckily, these days most of the prominent caterers in the Surrey BC area have an online presence of some kind – be it through their website or their social media pages. In this article, we are going to discuss how you can get quality food delivered to your event:

  1. Find Caterers Online: A quick Google search for the ‘best caterers in Surrey’ is going to give you hundreds of search results. To make a shortlist of the top prospective caterers, we recommend you to go through the local food blogs and read their rankings / reviews. You should put catering companies that are found frequently in these blogs in your shortlist as they are probably the most popular options in the area.
  2. Reach Out To The Caterers: After you have made a shortlist of reliable catering companies, it is time to reach out to them. You can do this via their phone number or through their social media contact links. When you first talk with the caterers, tell them about your budget and expectations regarding food and service. This is important to ensure that you are not wasting your time with a catering company that is too expensive for you or too rigid in terms of meeting your needs.
  3. Edit Your Shortlist: Now that you have initiated talks with the catering companies, you can remove those companies that do not fulfill your requirements of the shortlist.
  4. Make A Visit: With the remaining caterers on your list, you should pay their offices a visit and personally talk to them about the quality, quantity, and type of food that you want for your event and ensure that their service will meet your budget. You should go through their menu and also insist on tasting the food to prevent any odd surprise on the day of the event itself.
  5. Discussing The Delivery Method: Your caterer should ask you about when the delivery of the food should be made and give you serving options. These may be extra charges apart from the food charges. You should decide if you want to have a buffet style event or a packaged food handout service. The delivery would be made in accordance with the style of service.  If you are looking for a buffet style service in your event, then you may ask the caterer if it provides servers on location to help with the smooth running of affairs. If you are going with the packaged food service, then you should discuss how the food will be packed and let the caterer know if you have a specific theme for your event.
  6. Financial Contract: You may be required to pay a partial advance fee to the caterer as a commitment. This is not something unusual. However, do keep in mind that before any money exchanges hands, you should have a contract in place that states what you have ordered, how much the order will cost and the cancellation policy in case your event does not go as planned.
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