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Volken’s Market is a warehouse store operated by the John Volken Academy students, a registered Canadian charity. It is part of the John Volken Academy, helping people to change their destructive lifestyles. They become productive and successful members of our society which creates a safer, better and more caring community.

Volken’s Market is a one-of-a-kind, full service grocery store, furniture store and mattress store that offers quality merchandise with no membership fees and low prices. Plus, all our proceeds go to charity.


Volken’s Market’s main purpose is to support The John Volken Academy(JVA) in its charitable work to help young men and women in their struggle to free themselves from drug and alcohol addiction. This store provides JVA participants with the opportunity to acquire proper life skills, social skills, and job skills. They learn how to become valuable employees, or how to successfully manage their own business, so they can re-join society as productive, contributing citizens.

Any proceeds from Volken’s Market sales help fund a portion of this life-changing program.

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