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Shopping for furniture is always an elaborate affair, as you don’t purchase them frequently; the way you purchase new clothes, a new smartphone or a new laptop. It can also be such an overwhelming experience, especially for those inexperienced. In this post, we will be helping you throughout the whole process, from coming to the store and interacting with a salesperson, to buying the furniture and arranging its delivery.

What Should You Expect When Shopping for Furniture?

Before you go shopping at a furniture store, you should be knowledgeable about the different types of wood, namely veneers, solid wood, composite wood or particle board. From that, you will have an idea about how  much it would cost you. Having prior knowledge of this information can come in handy, especially if you are on a tight budget.

When you are at the furniture store, be sure to check the insides of the cabinets and drawers and make sure that they can be pulled all the way out and can be shut evenly. You also need to make sure that the wood is joined at its corners and ends, without the use of nails or glue. If you are shopping for heavy furniture, you should never forget to inspect the legs, springs, as well as the cushions.

When choosing the fabric, you must take into consideration your lifestyle and the colors that match with your home decor. 

Tip for budget-shoppers: Consider shopping for furniture during Memorial Day or Veterans Day. To get the best deal from the furniture store, you can also try during Christmas or Fourth of July.

Why Is It Important to Talk to A Knowledgeable Salesperson?

A salesperson at a furniture store should always be willing to show you the items that meet or exceed your needs and has the capability to answer all your questions. Another thing is that he or she should be knowledgeable about the furniture the store is selling. The knowledge about the furniture’s construction, fabrics, basic design, as well as its manufacturer or even a basic understanding of interior design is vital to help you make an intelligent buying decision.

The possible downside, however, is that most salespersons work on commission. This would mean that they might be directing you to higher-end furniture. While this may be true at some furniture stores, at PricePro, our salespeople have been trained to be polite and will not encourage you in making a hasty decision.

How Do You Arrange the Delivery After Buying the Furniture?

The delivery cost should be one of the first things you should discuss with the salesperson you’re talking to at the furniture store, after deciding on the furniture. For most consumers, the nightmare of getting the furniture delivered starts right after you buy it. You would then realize the difficult logistics of having the furniture delivered into your home. There are also the threats of delays, or worse, cancellation. To make the logistics streamlined, at PricePro, we have a simple delivery policy in place, which can be read here.

The best way you can protect yourself is to verify the furniture store’s cancellation policy in the event there is a problem with the delivery. You might also bargain for a full refund in case the store does not live up to its promise on delivery.


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