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If you are looking to rock your lunch catering game and impress your clients or partners in a business meeting that matters, it is recommended that you go over the thirteen handpicked tips, mentioned below, to take your catered lunch setting to the next level:

  1. Select A Reliable Caterer: This is a no brainer. You need to hire a caterer that has outstanding reviews in terms of the quality of food, delivery and promptness. The case of having a set of hungry clients having their lunch delayed will give a bad impression about your company’s management skills and might lose your company the deal.
  2. Get Order Confirmation: If you ordered your catering via phone, you must request a written confirmation via mail or email.
  3. Ask Suggestions From The Caterer: The catering service serves lunches on a daily basis and is more aware of the things that are required during such lunches. Take their professional advice to make your lunch scene much better.
  4. Better Early Than Late: Ask your catering service to come to the lunch location at least fifteen minutes earlier than the decided time to ensure that there is no late drama caused by traffic problems or food truck breakdown.
  5. Appropriate Menu: It is essential that you have a good variety of food available to choose from. This becomes especially important when you are not aware of the eating habits of your potential clients. You can ask the attendees of the lunch if they have any food allergies or dietary habits and make appropriate arrangements.
  6. Menu Style: You can either have the guests for the lunch choose their meal via invitation or have a grand buffet for them. If you go with pick-your-meal option, you can get the caterer to deliver meals in boxes for each client.
  7. Location: The location of the lunch needs to be positive with the food involved. There should be enough space for each person to comfortably enjoy their food while listening, making notes and giving their inputs.
  8. Food Arrangement: If you are going with a buffet style lunch, having the buffet table arranged on the opposite side of the room where people can go and get their lunch without causing a disturbance in the meeting itself. If the meals are in boxes, they should be placed on the table in front of the respective seats of each client.
  9. Cleaning: Arrange with your caterer how they would remove the dishes that are finished and eventually clean up the space as soon as the meal is over. The cleaning should not disrupt the meeting itself. This is why it is recommended to give a short break after lunch before resuming the meeting.
  10. Facilities: The location you choose must have a nearby hand washing as well as lavatory facilities. You do not want your clients to move up and down the building just for using the loo, which won’t just be an inconvenience but a big time waster as well.
  11. Schedule The Meeting Accordingly: If your meeting involves lunch, then you should send out the information about the schedule of the meeting to all the clients. Breakdown the schedule into blocks such as introduction, small talk, discussion, lunch, break, discussion, end, etc. Provide estimated durations for each block.
  12. Tech: It is recommended that your lunch location has a free WiFi signal. The internet should be fast and signals should be strong. Businessmen visiting you may want to check their emails or stream videos and they would not appreciate slow internet. Other tech equipment that may be required include projector, charging docks or sockets, extension cables, etc.
  13. Double-confirmation: On the day of the event, contact the catering service and double check everything so that nothing goes amiss during the lunch event itself.
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